Your Community Covenant may require the HOA to perform regular drain work to protect against flooding. Prevent seasonal rain storms from causing unnecessary damage in your community by maintaining your stormwater ponds (detention or retention pond).

Violations can include but not limited to:  

  • Excessive debris clogging the OCS inlet & outlet
  • Maintaining the Upslope of the support walls
  • Thick Vegetation / large “Trees” growing in pond
  • Structural integrity to OCS structure 
  • Sediment blocking culverts
  • Inadequate barrier surrounding pond / broken fencing
  • Not meeting the city or county’s specific, predefined requirements
  • Not knowing they even had any ponds / or were responsible for them

What you can do to help your community… 

  1. Locate & Identify the number of Ponds in your community
  2. Read & Understand your HOA/POA’s Covenants
  3. Understand the Communities Annual Budget
  4. If Ponds are currently maintained check the following:

           -Does the provider hold the correct Liability Insurance & Workers Comp?

           -Do you have logged records of the maintenance reports?

           -Have you inspected the OCS for any deficiencies? 

Georgia Stormwater Services can assist you with avoiding violations and conserve compliance by offering comprehensive solutions in maintaining & servicing the needs of all Retention and Detention Ponds in the Residential & Commercial Space. We offer a “worry free” Annual Maintenance Program for Property Management Companies & HOA’s and provide detailed reports with photographs of every project for your records & accountability reports.  

Georgia Stormwater Services holds the most accurate insurance policy available with proper State of Georgia Class Codes for stormwater regulatory work. OSHA and GASWCC Certified with over 25 years experience and knowledge in the industry.

 Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation, 

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