A Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is frequently formed to assume liability for the common areas in the subdivision. Most of the people who live in the subdivision know about the pools and clubhouses yet many are less mindful of private easements and stormwater facilities such as a detention or retention pond.

Designation of a responsible party is important to assure proper operation of your stormwater facilities. In some instances this may be a shared responsibility. In the majority of cases, the HOA is responsible and must provide the maintenance and repair required for the stormwater facilities to remain operational and pass inspections.

Once a builder and developer finish a community or commercial property, they transfer their responsibility for maintenance of the community to homeowner associations or property Management Company. In fact, HOA  Associations were originally created for the express purpose to maintain stormwater systems in the wake of the Clean Water Act of 1972.

HOA responsibilities for stormwater facilities include but are not limited to:

* Inspections of stormwater facilities for proper operation annually and after a  significant storm.

*Removal of trash and debris that would block water flow 

*Removal of woody vegetation and invasive plants  from spillways, dams and basins

*Slope stabilization and repairs

*Repair to OCS and Headwall concrete cracks and grout

*Riprap restoration for erosion protection

*Sediment removal and possible dredging to keep water volume at original capacity

Proper maintenance of stormwater facilities results in improved drainage which can reduce stormwater damage to properties such as flooding. Homeowner associations or property Management companies are required to maintain their stormwater facilities to make sure the stormwater is properly collected. 

Georgia Stormwater Services offers an extensive range of services to help you meet with regulatory and maintenance obligations associated with stormwater management. 

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