Our Services

At Georgia Stormwater Services LLC, we specialize in dependable, cost-effective stormwater management plans for residential and commercial developments that comply with city and county regulations. Currently holding our Level 1A, 1B and MS4 Inspector Certifications and Insurance classification codes, we comply with city, county and state regulations and are equipped to implement approved regulatory stormwater management plans.

Property + Commercial Management

Our team can assist with projects that are managed by POAs and HOAs to make sure we stick to the community’s standards.


Dredging, or Sediment removal, includes the physical scooping up of underwater sand and clay sediments to slow the waterbody’s aging process and enhance the quality of a pond or lake. This is ideal for golf courses, private lakes and commercial waterways. 


Our team is experienced in working with local governments and municipalities on projects that are affecting their community. We follow all the state and local laws to ensure your project is done safely and correctly.

Private owners

Do you own a property that needs similar services to these other areas? We can help! Our team loves to help property owners with their stormwater projects. 

HOA Maintenance

At Georgia Stormwater Services, we understand the importance of creating a controlled environment for your neighborhood’s pond to uphold district codes and pass frequent inspections for the safety of others. We offer several services specific to HOA needs to ensure that your neighborhood ponds are up to code and preventing violations and fines.

Our services include, but are not limited to…


• Free consultations on regulations and violations
• Initial site inspections
• Annual site inspections
• Consultation on remediation requirements
• Annual Compliance Inspections and Record Keeping
• Ongoing maintenance for detention & retention ponds
• MS4 Certified Inspections


• Removal of woody debris from spillways, dams & basins
• Removal of excessive Sediment in Ponds and Pipes
• Removal of excessive Tree and Root Growth in Ponds and Pipes
• Trash and Debris Buildup Removal
• Dredging
• Unblocking of Blocked Outlets (where the water flows)


• Slope stabilization & repair
• Erosion Repairs
• Minor Concrete repair work to any grout filling around pipes
• Sand Filter and Infiltration Trench Repairs
• Fencing and Safety Device Repairs that surround the ponds (Repair damaged sections of fence due to age or wear & tear)
• Sediment Cleaning
• Headwall Repair


• Vegetation management
• Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Maintenance
• Erosion & sediment control
• Riprap Installation
• Mosquito Control in retention ponds


The State of Georgia requires proper insurance classification codes for businesses providing services inside all gated & non-gated retention/detention ponds, as well as drainage issues within residential or commercial properties. We hold insurance classification codes required by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission to properly provide service for sewer cleaning, storm drains and retention/detention pond cleaning.

GA #99813


GA #91591


GA #99813

Sewer cleaning
Storm drain and
Retention pond

Green infrastructure
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