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Our Team

Our team consists of people who love to serve our customers, and we consider them family. Each team member believes in taking a proactive approach to repairing your property to ensure compliance with city, county and state codes, saving you from fines, lawsuits and unforeseen costs. 

Craig Belsole

MS4 Inspector & Business Development since 2017

Santana Aguilar

Team Lead Since 2017, GSWCC Level 1A Certified

Oscar Munoz

Field Crew Since 2019, GSWCC Level 1A Certified

Jose Rocha

Team Lead Since 2019, GSWCC Level 1A Certified

Felix Rocha

Field Crew Since 2020, GSWCC Level 1A Certified

Osvaldo Orozco

Field Technician Since 2021, GSWCC Level 1A Certified

Ernesto Rodrigez

Field Technician & Aquatic Equipment Operator Since 2021, GSWCC Level 1A Certified 

Jesualdo Rocha

Field Technician Since 2023

Felix Vallejo

Field Technician

Edgar Gonzalez

Field Technician

Michal Belsole

Business Development

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100% Company-Owned EQUIPMENT

100% employee team (NO subcontractors)