You may receive a Notice to comply letter, if your detention or retention pond is found to be poorly maintained, not functioning properly, or if access to the site for inspection purposes is limited.

“If there is a detention pond on your property, you (or your homeowners association) are responsible for maintenance. Preventative maintenance, like mowing around the pond and removing trash and excessive vegetation, prevents costly structural repairs and inspection violations. It also minimizes downstream environmental damage. Failure to maintain your detention pond will result in non-compliance, beginning with a Notice-To-Comply letter and continued enforcement through the BMP Enforcement Response Plan. ” (gwinnettcounty Department of Water Resources Stormwater Management Division)

To ensure your ponds are working and comply with codes, the city and/or county will perform unannounced inspections. So, it’s important the pond meets all of the requirements and run at full capacity. If your Communities pond is not up to code, you could face stiff fines & penalties.

To avoid a notice to comply letter your properties stormwater detention or retention pond needs to function as it was designed. with proper maintenance you can ensure that potential issues are discovered and corrected early.

 Georgia Stormwater Services, LLC can help you establish a Plan of Action to maintain your detention or retention pond.

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