Very Interesting article on “Understanding Stormwater in Johns Creek” posted by Black Box part of Appen Media Group.

This article dives deep into how rainfall affects the areas around you and why stormwater management is so crucial. 

As stated in the article by Black Box “ the city is only responsible for stormwater infrastructure in the public right of way or on other public property, like parks. The city does have the right to access some of the privately owned storm water facilities for inspection and enforcement, but maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

Designation of a responsible party is important to assure proper operation of your detention pond feature. In some instances this may be a shared responsibility. In the majority of cases, the HOA is responsible for the correct operation and proper maintenance. 

Once a builder and developer finish a community or commercial property, they transfer their responsibility for maintenance of the community to homeowner associations or property Management Company. In fact, HOA  Associations were originally created for the express purpose to maintain stormwater systems in the wake of the Clean Water Act of 1972.

Georgia Stormwater Services, LLC can offer stormwater and vegetation management plans to improve function and control cost of your commercial or residential property.   

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Photo by Black Box part of Appen Media Group

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