Stormwater is the water that comes from rain and other precipitation.  Stormwater runoff can soak into the ground, gather in lakes, streams and rivers by flowing over the ground, or by traveling through an arrangement of stormwater channels.

In neighborhoods with impenetrable surfaces that don’t permit the stormwater runoff  to soak into the ground, a stormwater management plan is essential to decrease flooding, and shield lakes, streams and rivers from being harmed by toxins.

Stormwater isn’t treated at facilities which means that whatever stormwater runoff grabs as it flows across the ground—like debris or contaminations—will go directly into our lakes, streams and rivers. Because of many years of development and growth, waterways in the area have been influenced by flooding, erosion and contamination.

Stormwater runoff has turned into an undeniably significant obligation for neighborhoods . As of late authorized Federal and State stormwater guidelines, has brought about nearby HOA’s and property management companies to creating and executing stormwater management and maintenance plans to address regulatory compliance issues. 

Neighborhood HOA’s and property management companies must comply to NPDES stormwater regulations and the prerequisites of their county, which necessitates that maintenance of stormwater facilities be implemented. 

New laws have been set up by the State and Federal government to manage stormwater overflow and water quality. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) manages the release of contaminants in stormwater through National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater regulations and the necessities of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (the District).

After some time, stormwater structures, for example, pipes and catch basins can wind up clogged or potentially harmed, decreasing their capacity to convey stormwater overflow. On the off chance that these stormwater structures are not kept up, at that point when it rains neighborhoods can flood. To tackle these issues and consent to stormwater guidelines, HOA’s and property management companies need to build and implement a stormwater best management practices maintenance program.  

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