Stormwater Best Management Practices Inspection and Maintenance Programs within your county or city  have launched yearly inspections on facilities such as retention and detention ponds for both residential and commercial properties. 

 In neighborhoods with a Homeowners Association (HOA), the HOA is in charge of assessing and keeping up the stormwater BMPs situated on private and common property within the neighborhood.  

 County and City Investigations are done routinely as well as when a complaint is received.  They may incorporate visual appraisals of stormwater facilities, a review of maintenance reports or repair records. The state of the stormwater retention or detention pond will be assessed as well as what practices the HOA has in place for routine maintenance.

 The Homeowners Association is responsible to routinely review and keep up maintenance on the detention or retention ponds within the subdivision. 

The most ideal approach to counteract exorbitant repairs is to perform routine maintenance.

Some of the routine maintenance should include:

  • Mowing
  • Keep embankments and slopes stable with low growing vegetation 
  • Fill animal burrows 
  • Remove sediment from pond when necessary 
  • Inspect, clean and repair any mechanical components 
  • Keep area free of debris and trash 
  • Keep risers, spillways, and outlets clear 

 Georgia Stormwater Services offers high-quality capabilities, compliance services and routine maintenance to meet requirements enabling your stormwater facilities to pass inspection with cost-effective timely solutions and service.  

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