Georgia Stormwater Services, LLC (GSS) would like to advise that the time is quickly drawing nearer to have your yearly Detention/Retention Pond Inspection reestablished to be in compliance with your County’s Stormwater Regulations. 

For example, Gwinnett County’s BMP Regulations states:, “Failure to maintain your detention pond will result in non-compliance, beginning with a Notice-To-Comply letter and continued enforcement through the BMP Enforcement Response Plan. Continued lack of maintenance will result in the detention pond not functioning correctly and ultimately failing, which increases repair costs and could cause sediment to be released into the storm sewer system. Eventually the lack of maintenance could result in flooding on your property or downstream of your property.”     (₁) 

 GSS has worked with multiple Detention and Retention Pond proprietors on understanding and following their particular Stormwater BMP regulations. We are GASWCC & OSHA certified offering compliance and routine maintenance to meet your needs with dependable, cost-effective timely solutions and services.  

 Taking a proactive approach in areas like cleaning, repairs and staying compliant with regulatory requirements will ensure that your property complies with city and county codes, avoiding fines and lawsuits. 

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Michal Belsole – Project Manager

Services include but not limited to: 

  • Erosion and Sediment control
  • Removal of excessive sediment in ponds and pipes
  • Removal of excessive Tree and Root Growth in Ponds and Pipes
  • Removal of Trash and Debris Buildup
  • Slope stabilization & repair
  • Non-functional Pipes, Dams, and Concrete Walls
  • Dredging and Tree Removal
  • Kudzu and exotic/invasive plant control
  • Fencing and Safety Device Repairs
  • Sand Filter and Infiltration Trench Repairs
  • Riprap placement/installation

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