After several inches of rain this year already you may have started to notice quite a few issues have resulted from your detention and retention ponds not being maintained. 

Inspections should be done monthly and after every major storm event. Some of the things to look for are signs of erosion damage, such as soil slinging or other instability issues. Inspect the ponds outlet structures for flow obstructions or cracks. 

 In general detention and retention ponds operation and maintenance are the responsibility of the property owner or developer unless it has been passed to the Home Owner Association then the HOA is responsible and the HOA has covenants that govern it. 

Maintenance is vital to having properly functioning detention and retention ponds. Some of the maintenance should include mowing, removal of trash, debris and tree limbs, clearing of excessive vegetation, sediment build up removal and replace riprap that may have washed away.  If issues are noted after a major storm you should proceed immediately with corrective actions

 The ponds are used to help control storm water runoff from roads, parking lots, yards, commercial areas and industrial sites.  When there are maintenance issues the ponds can not do the job they were intended for. This is when you may notice standing water on a yard, road or parking lot. 

Georgia Stormwater Services offers monthly and yearly maintenance plans to improve function and control cost.  

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