Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) are engineered facilities designed to reduce or treat stormwater runoff and/or mitigate the effects of increased stormwater runoff peak rate, volume, and velocity due to urbanization per Georgia Stormwater Management Manual section  4.1

Maintenance is important because poor operation is a leading cause in BMP failure. Poor maintenance can also create unpleasant odors, nuisance insects, and an overall disheveled appearance to the area. 

 BMPs may fail due to:

– poor vegetation maintenance including kudzu and exotic/invasive plants

– clogged inlets and sediment accumulation

– failed side slope stabilization and erosion control

– insubstantial entree for routine maintenance 

Knowing why your BMP was built and the importance of its components should reduce the chance of BMP failure.

 Contact Georgia Stormwater Services, LLC today to help create a management plan ensuring optimal performance for your community’s retention and detention ponds and confirm your BMP meets regulations,

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